Check out our new workshop, The Tough Ones, for requesting organ donations over the phone.

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"I'm collaborating with our OPO clients to find answers for lost DCD donations."

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"I love working with leaders on actual issues because I feel like that's when the real learning happens."

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To our clients from Margaret Verble:

I hope all of you are healthy and have learned to manage in creative ways during this difficult time. As most of our work requires flying and speaking in front of groups, you can imagine this pandemic has not done our business much good. However, I’m glad to say that because we sold our building and moved our offices into our homes before this started, we’ve been able to ride this first wave.

Judy has retired, but David’s coaching business is surviving, and even doing well, via Zoom. My business is more severely impacted, as it’s all about teaching interpersonal skills. However, I do think it’s possible to teach our telephone requesting workshop, “What to Say, What to Avoid,” via Zoom, and have spoken with one client about that already. I’ve also designed a new workshop, “Getting DCD Donations,” and, when our research study on that subject is accepted for publication and the pandemic is over, I intend to be alive and will be raring to teach it. I see increasing DCD donation rates as the biggest challenge in the field.

Stay well. We’ll meet again.

Margaret Verble

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