Check out our new workshop, The Tough Ones, for requesting organ donations over the phone.

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"I'm collaborating with our OPO clients to find answers for lost DCD donations."

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"I love working with leaders on actual issues because I feel like that's when the real learning happens."

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To our clients and prospective clients:

We, the partners of Verble, Worth & Verble, are grateful for the good relationships we’ve had with our clients for over 35 years now. We’ve been able to make our livings in pleasant, productive, and meaningful ways, and now have the freedom to do only what we want to in the way of work. We’re downsizing our business and selling our building, but are setting up offices in our homes.

David is still working through LTG and interested in consulting on lean performance improvement and coaching lean leaders.

Judy is still interested in research, and continuing her work on our study with our OPO partners on the challenges of obtaining donations from families of hospital patients who will die cardiac deaths.

I have a new career as a novelist, but am still available to teach workshops on getting donations, and think (maybe delusionally) that I know more about that than ever before. I scheduled two of those workshops today, and hope to keep that up.

Our new postal address is:

Verble, Worth, & Verble
P.O. Box 21967
Lexington, KY 40522-1967

You can reach us by email at our Verble, Worth and Verble addresses for the next several months as we transition to our new offices. When you contact us through VWV, we will give you other email addresses to use and our cell phone numbers. We’re not trying to be mysterious, we’re just trying to duck spammers. Some things don’t change. We hope to hear from you.

Margaret Verble

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