I've just finished teaching our telephone requesting workshop, "What to Say, What to Avoid" for the first time over Zoom. I think it adapts well, and our client asked for another course right after the first one was done.

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Happily Retired, Not Dead

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"I love working with leaders on actual issues because I feel like that's when the real learning happens."

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One of the lessons we learned during the pandemic is that people can work perfectly well without corporate structures. So we want to announce that we’re still open to business and hope to have a lot of it, but we’ll be doing it as sole proprietors. At the end of the year, we will dissolve VWV and take this website down. But you can still reach David or me through various other channels. We both have Linked In profiles, and David is a partner in another training concern, LTG. It’s web address is http://www.lean-transform.com/. His email addresses are drverble@lean-transform.com and drverble@gmail.com. My new email for my training business is vwvmargaretverble@gmail.com. It’s up and running, and you are welcome to contact me there today. My literary email is margaret.verble@gmail.com. Jill Scott will still be assisting us and she can be reached at jill5155@gmail.com You can also contact both of us through Linked In. My link there is www.linkedin.com/in/margaret-verble-b640702a. David’s is https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-verble-35b243/ So we’re not saying, “Good-bye.” We’re saying, “Let’s move over here to this other room.” See you there, Margaret

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