Margaret’s Vita


1073 Turkey Foot Road
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 268-8994 (Business Communication) (Literary Communication)


1982 – Present
President, VERBLE, WORTH & VERBLE, Inc., Lexington, Kentucky

2015- Present


  • Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Kentucky
  • M.A. English Education, University of Kentucky
  • B.A. English, University of Kentucky


Finalist, Reading the West Adult Fiction Award, 2020

Spur Award Winner, Best Traditional Western Novel, 2020

Finalist, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, 2016.

Martin Koke Award for dedication and commitment to the Gift of Sight Program, San Diego Eye Bank. March 2001.

1990 Award for Excellence (as a writer) for Best Audio-Visual/Videotape and Film, Council of Rural Electrical Communicators.


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(Authored under both Margaret Verble and Haden Verble )

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  • “Where Do I Begin?.. approaching families about organ and tissue donation. Leader’s Guide and videotape.(Nashville: MedScene, 1987.)
  • Organ Procurement: A Professional Approach. Revised Ed. Lexington: College of Allied Health Professions, University of KY. 1982. (With Judy Worth.)
  • Instructional Skills for Health Care EducatorsUniversity of Kentucky:  CLRAH, 1979. (With Betty Taylor.)
  • Handbook of Teaching Skills. University of Kentucky: College of Education, 1976. (With Betty Taylor.)
  • 53 Educational Television Programs and Videotapes, including Dealing in Discipline (1980), a 12-program television series, a student study guide, and an instructor’s manual for a 500-level course taught both nationally and in Australia.
  • 14 various instructors’ guides, manuals, and DVDs. (Details upon request.)


7/19 – 12/20

  • Donor Alliance, Denver
  • Gift of Life Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Life Connection of Ohio
  • San Diego Eye Bank


  • American Association of Tissue Banks
  • Authors Guild
  • Cherokee Historical Society
  • Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Historical Society
  • North American Transplant Coordinators’ Organization
  • Western Writers of America


  • Civil Service Commission, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, 2002-2010.
  • Chair, 2004 – 2010; 2012-16; Reappointed for 2016-2020. Chair, 2016-2020


Revised 1/2021