Phone Requests for Eye and Tissue Donation

Phone Requests for Eye and Tissue Donation 


We’ve adapted our “What to Say, What to Avoid” phone request workshop to online instruction and it’s been so successful that our first client immediately booked a second course. The objectives are the same as when delivered in person, and a fuller description of the workshop can be seen on

To make the workshop a success online, we’ve set it up with sessions that run from 1 ½ to 1 ¾ hours over the course of 8 days that can fit into your on-call schedule. In order to keep participants engaged, we’ve built in more roleplaying. That, and the fatigue that often accompanies online delivery, means we’re having to limit the enrollment to 8 participants per course.

On your end, you will need someone who will ensure attendance, and the participants need to use computers or tablets, rather than phones. They will also need printing capability. We will be sending the handouts in batches, we’ll want them to do an exercise before they see certain content. They will also need pads and pens, both because there are written exercises and because marking on their handouts increases retention.

On our end, the course requires an administrator as well as an instructor. We’ve added $500 to the fee to cover that additional cost to us.

We think the content of this course is uniquely well-suited to online instruction and hope you will, too.

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